Team Progress Summary: 3/8/2015



The early part of this week involved a lot of frantic bustling about as we tried to get our posters up in the URBN Center Lobby. We had everything ready to go, but every time we visited the print center it was empty. We also (embarassingly) had no idea that we could submit prints online and pick them up later, as this was the first time anybody had used the print center. We eventually got it all figured out with a lot of much-appreciated help from Nick, and now the wall looks quite nice. I was working in the lobby today during the Orientation, and I overheard a lot of people who really loved the wall!

In other good news — we’re not sick anymore! Towards the end of this week we all managed to recover, and now we’re scrambling to make up for lost time and get our trailer finished by Tuesday. We’re optimistic!

The trailer and other presentation assets became top priority this week. The animators worked tirelessly to not only finish all the trailer shots, but animate turntables, create new assets, and animate the shoggoth into our Interior Tower sprint. Anthony finished rigging the shoggoth, Josh lit, shaded and render-wrangled the environments, Val painted some arcosaur fossils and composited things, and Ethan worked on the trailer and environments. Everybody was very busy all week.

We also had the dry run for our end-of-term presentation, which went pretty well! Once we have our finished assets we should be good to go. Our biggest challenge will be convincing the faculty that we have enough time to polish our environments and animation. We’re confident that we can pull through, so now we just need to find the best way to communicate our reasoning.