5-3-PPJ Valentina Feldman

Goals for This Week: 

  • Draft 1 of final presentation
  • More texturing!
  • Various producer stuff

What Happened: 

I’ll admit to falling behind this week, which I feel awful about since everybody on the team is working ridiculous hours to get everything animated and finished up. I haven’t missed any hard deadlines or put us behind schedule, but I’ve largely neglected the environment texturing (all due 5/10) to catch up on client / grad thesis work. I’ll be having a Mudbox Marathon this weekend to make up for lost time.

I spent my time this week beginning the hunt for usable sound effects, setting up meetings with our new audio guy (Dominic Zapalla, a film senior), creating the first draft of our presentation, and checking in on everyone to make sure our deadlines are in good shape. The presentation is still a bit rough, but since the focus was on organization of content I think we’ll be in good shape for revisions.

Total hours: 12 ish

Next Week: 

  • Texture all the things
  • Presentation v02
  • Compositing? (depends on render status)