4/12 PPJ Gabriel Valdivia

Goal for this week:

Last week I said I was going to focus on my interior tent shots but instead it became priority to make sure all shots were in 3d for this weeks animation.

What I got done this week:

I will no longer have any shots represented by storyboards for this week’s edit.  I was able to take ELC 060 to a near finished polished state.  I also took EAC 070 & 080 to almost the same state but I still need to add some facial work to both shots and 080 needs a bit more body splines but overall they have come a long way and are close to finished.  ELC 045, 050, and 052 are super rough and will be polished easily once I ask my team what exactly the sequence should look like.  ILT 020 and IT 280 were my last two shots that I hadn’t had 3d for so those are now blocked in.

What I plan to do this week:

Since I switched my plans around for last week I plan on getting my ILT shots splined this week and I want to throw a few more touches onto my EAC shots.

Hours: 27

4/12 PPJ Anthony Meyers

Goals for this week

  • Work on modeling tents and environment art.

What happened

  • I got a lot of modeling finished this week. I took a bit of time and experimented making a tent in marvelous design. The first design did not seem to be held up by anything. Therefore Ethan made some frames, then I draped the cloth in marvelous. I made two of the three tents. I also modeled and uve`d a pan, fork, cot, and plate.

Next Week

  • Fix up some issues on the shoggoth rig.
  • Tweak models based off crit
  • Model last tent, model other props.

Total Hours: 17

Capture Pan Fork Plate Tent1 Tent2 Tent3

Team Progress Summary: 4/5/2015





Aaaaaand we’re back! after a restful (but productive) spring break, team Spooky is back in action. Over the break we worked on sprint planning, animation, asset modeling, compositing, and catching up on some much-needed rest. We’ve detailed out our schedule for the next ten weeks and are confident that we’ll be able to finish everything by our two major milestones, the final project check-in (4/28) and the Senior Show delivery (5/26).

We’ve also decided to meet weekly with Dave Mauriello on Mondays at 3:30pm for animation critique, starting last week! Dave’s feedback has been immensely helpful for Gabe, Dave and Pat. Now that the show is all blocked in, they’ll be working on polish and performance from now until the final render deadline.

Josh has been working with Jay and Nick to get the render farm working (again). The machines were updated over Spring Break to boot in linux, but IT accidentally installed an incompatible version of Qube. Jay is working to re-image the machines now, but the computers in room 252 should be mounted on the farm now. Once we confirm that the render farm is working, we will re-render the trailer and all of our exterior mountain pass shots.

Asset production is underway for our remaining environments, with Ethan finishing up the Exterior Lake’s Camp scene, Anthony modeling tents, Josh working on the alien building models, Pat sculpting assets for the Ancient City, and Val providing textures when necessary. We plan to have a more detailed schedule for the environments by this week’s meeting!

4/5 PPJ Valentina Feldman

Goals for this week: 

  • Updated sprint board
  • Weekly deliverables schedule
  • Animation meeting notes
  • More compositing!

What happened: 

I got a decent amount of work done this week — I still need to catch up on compositing, but I plan on doing that tomorrow and updating this post before class on Tuesday!

I may not have pretty things to show, but I did a lot of production management work that will help everything go smoothly this quarter. In addition to updating our sprint board for this quarter, I created a cohesive document for our animation critique notes, sprint objectives, and asset lists to go in.

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pzhMZFzzr2Zeb5BWpSpcS7yFBZgDIHVaTmGWxo73yF0/edit?usp=sharing 

I also got in contact with somebody about printing t-shirts for senior show. i’m working on a logo now, and we should have the shirts printed before our interviews. Once the render farm is working we’ll have an updated trailer, and I’m looking forward to finally getting our branding underway!

Hours: 12 total, more to come tomorrow

Next week: 

  • Polished compositing for all rendered shots
  • Asset lists for environments
  • Logo / t-shirts

4/5 PPJ Dave Maguire

Goals for this week:

  • Get everything animated

What happened: 

  • After falling behind over break I’ve been busting my butt to get caught up with some degree of success. On the plus side, everything is in 3D now, at varying levels of polish. Some of it is really rough, some of it a little cleaner. I’m missing some props for some some scenes which I think are coming soon, but not too much to worry about. My biggest problem has been that scrubbing through scenes lags so much that I can’t get good audio playback to lip-sync too. The oddest part is that my machine is more powerful in every way than the lab computers, which apparently have no issues so I guess I’m going to move my base of operations from now on. :/

Next Week: 

  • Continue to refine animation

Total Hours: 27

4/5 PPJ Josh Hollander

This week, I was supposed to populate our city scatter with detailed buildings and prep our characters for re-rendering.  The characters took longer than expected and I lost a lot of work days to the holidays this weekend, so I didn’t get to the city at all.  That will be my one and only focus for this week, though, as it needs to get done ASAP!

4/5 PPJ Anthony Meyers

I was not able to get much done this week. I got the flu over the break and was dealing with trying to get better. I did practice some fx work for when the animation is complete, I also tried to work ahead so I can dedicate most of my time to work on the fx when the time comes. For right now I will be working on the environments with Ethan and Josh.

4-5-PPJ Patrick Stelmach

Goals for this week:

  • Model the spooky statue
  • Continue animating and polishing my shots to meet the goal of finishing by the end of the term.

What happened: 

  • This break has been a very productive one. I was able to get every one of my shots into a state of  rough animation. Now I can start iterating on each shot to hopefully improve them in the time remaining. (35 Hours)
  • I also managed to get the first statue modeled and in maya. I am happy with how it came out, and  working on this was a ton of fun. (5 Hours)


  • This week, along with some work on the statue, I have been addressing the critique that I received on several of my shots. Sadly, due to coming home for easter, I have been unable to tweak all my shots, but I heavily revamped all the interior airplane shots and I’m currently working on finishing the rest. (9 hours)

Next Week: 

  • Finish the spooky statue with textures and detailed base
  • Address all the week 1 crit and get started on the week 2 critique.

4/5 PPJ Gabriel Valdivia

What I Planned to do this week

Move forward with polishing animation.

What I got done this week:

I was able to take two more shots from super rough to a polished state with facial animation.  ELC 020 and 030 are ready for one more look from the team for crit and one more round of polish before they will be ready to render.  I’m also currently in the process of redoing a couple shots because I’m unhappy with the initial result .  I also took some time to pose a shoggoth tentacle for a poster.  That took longer than expected because I ended up having to directly tweak the model because I couldn’t get it in the shape I wanted with just the rig.  Other than that I’ve planned out what I need to get done each week to stay on track and so far I’m on schedule.

What I plan to do next week:

This week I’ll be working on our interior tent scene.  I have three shots in this scene that I’ll have polished for next week’s crit.  I’ll also try and make some tweaks to last week’s shots.

Hours: 17

3/9 PPJ Josh Hollander

Covering the last two weeks, I set out to create assets for our display in the URBN Center’s lobby and work on environments, renders, and comps for our end-of-term presentation.  I completed my assets for the URBN display, and most of my work for the presentation, though because of a 4-day fight with the flu that got set back a bit.

URBN Lobby


  • Summary:  I made this period-style movie poster to display on our patch of wall in the URBN Center lobby.  The visual style is based off of late art nouveau and early art deco, and we were able to have it printed full-size! (27″x41″)
  • Positives:  I’m really happy with how it turned out, and it was a nice break from all the CG work I’ve been doing.
  • Negatives:  None
  • Hours: 10

Shoggy Shaders


  • Summary:  I continued work on shading our Shoggoth, the extra-dimensional monster that appears near the end of our animation, and drives our characters to insanity.  It’s shaded using a combination of painted and procedural textures, as well as displacement maps.  That cube in front of it is 2.5m^3; this thing is the size of a city block.
  • Positives:  I learned a lot about making believable other-worldly shaders.
  • Negatives:  Na much.
  • Hours:  16

Presentation Prep

  • Summary:  I’ve been frantically touching up scenes and rendering them for our teaser trailer.  It’s been hell, but they’re coming together!
  • Positives:  All this work now is just less work later.  It should give me loads of time to properly polish all of these scenes and comps.
  • Negatives:  There’s a few z’s I need to catch up on.
  • Hours:  I don’t want to estimate this, it’s gonna be sad/terrifying

Team Progress Summary: 3/8/2015



The early part of this week involved a lot of frantic bustling about as we tried to get our posters up in the URBN Center Lobby. We had everything ready to go, but every time we visited the print center it was empty. We also (embarassingly) had no idea that we could submit prints online and pick them up later, as this was the first time anybody had used the print center. We eventually got it all figured out with a lot of much-appreciated help from Nick, and now the wall looks quite nice. I was working in the lobby today during the Orientation, and I overheard a lot of people who really loved the wall!

In other good news — we’re not sick anymore! Towards the end of this week we all managed to recover, and now we’re scrambling to make up for lost time and get our trailer finished by Tuesday. We’re optimistic!

The trailer and other presentation assets became top priority this week. The animators worked tirelessly to not only finish all the trailer shots, but animate turntables, create new assets, and animate the shoggoth into our Interior Tower sprint. Anthony finished rigging the shoggoth, Josh lit, shaded and render-wrangled the environments, Val painted some arcosaur fossils and composited things, and Ethan worked on the trailer and environments. Everybody was very busy all week.

We also had the dry run for our end-of-term presentation, which went pretty well! Once we have our finished assets we should be good to go. Our biggest challenge will be convincing the faculty that we have enough time to polish our environments and animation. We’re confident that we can pull through, so now we just need to find the best way to communicate our reasoning.


3/9 PPJ Valentina Feldman

Goals for this week:

  • Presentation finalization
  • Presentation material rendering
  • Trailer compositing!

What happened: 

  • This week started out with a manic frenzy to get all of our posters up on the wall in the URBN Center lobby. The print center was closed every time we checked over the weekend, and having never used the center before we didn’t know that we could send jobs in online. I made two posters for the wall, a Shoggoth cut-out and the title over the mountains. (6 hrs)IMAG0504
  • I’m currently working on finalizing the presentation. It’ll be ready for Tuesday for sure! (3 hrs, in progress)
  • I also worked on sculpting the fossils and wall textures for the Interior Cave shots. This one was SUPER fun, as I’m a huge paleontology nerd and loved populating a wall with what basically amounts to the fossil bed of my dreams. Plus it fits with Lovecraft’s description! However, I was very sad pulverizing that mosasaur skull to make room for the Lovecraftian symbol. (8 hrs)
  • fossils
  • I’m also finishing up round #1 of compositing for the Interior Tower shots! As soon as the mountains are done rendering I’ll composite the rest of the trailer shots together, too. Everything’s going well so far, though I need to add light bleed still. Note to self — ask about stock footage of dust / atmospheric effects, and matte passes on Wednesday. (8 hrs)
  • 11051460_10153190509645559_1047195240_n

Next Week: 

  • Survive end-of-term crit, sleep forever
  • Finish compositing shots
  • Revisit characters / environment textures as needed

Total Hours: 25

3/9 PPJ Gabriel Valdivia

What I planned to get done:

I planned to continue chugging along at animating my shots.

What happened this week:


Our team hit crisis mode because we had to get our wall put up in the URBN center lobby on Monday but on three different attempts the print center was closed so we ended up getting in some trouble.  I was also unfortunately busy during my team’s complete panic about the wall (which I feel bad about) but everyone pulled through and got stuff printed and put up.  What I ended up helping with this week was getting some stuff ready for our presentation on tuesday.  I animated a turntable for our shoggoth monster.  It’s tentacles move and flail while it’s body looks like it’s breathing.  I also threw together a couple reaction shots of our characters for our trailer.  Nothing fancy, just 24 frames of them gasping.



Next week:


Total Hours: 16

3/9 – Ethan Miller – PPJ

This week was all about the trailer. I worked on finalizing the textures for the airplane for the teaser shots. I also finished positioning the mountain pass scenes before passing them off to Josh as well as positioning cameras and experimenting with the lighting. I also recut the trailer, worked with our composer to nail the sound and theme of our score. Lastly, I roughed in our motion graphics sequence and created a few samples of Shoggoth Sound Design.

Airplane – 

I had to fix a lot of problems with the model, but after redoing, re-uving and retexturing twice, I’m happy with the state of both the models and it’s textures.

Pros- Looks good enough for the teaser shots

Cons- Need to add more fidelity for close up shots

Hours Spent – 9

Mountain Pass

Between positioning, experimenting with lighting and iterating I brought the mountain scenes to a passable state before handing them off to Josh for final cleanup.

Pros- Was able to experiment with camera movements and lighting

Cons- None

Hours Spent – 6


Recut the teaser, redid the audio and sound-scape, and worked with our composer to implement our own score as well as experimenting with Shoggoth sounds.

Pros- Teaser is going to be sexy as hell.

Cons- None.

Hours Spent -10

Teaser Score – http://dreamscapemusic.com/clients/Ethan/Mountains_Of_Madness/Teaser_Stuff/MM_Teaser_Score_with_leveling.wav

3-8-PPJ Anthony Meyers

Goals for this week

Finish rigging the shoggoth.

What got done.

I finished rigging the shoggoth. I added in clusters with fk and ik controls to all of the small tentacles. I added in SDKs in for all of the mouths and eyes. I added in some additional controls to morph the body. The only hard part of the week was trying to get the weighting to work with the tentacles and the body moving.

To help save time I am rendering the turntable of the shoggoth on my home computer. I set up the shaders and textures that val and josh made then after a few tests with the lighting I was able to get something working.

Hours: 27

For next week:

Fix / add anything to the shoggoth rig.

Prepare for dynamics.



3-8-PPJ Patrick Stelmach

Goals for this week:

  • Start animating faces – get the faces for IA010-040 finished and adjust any errors
  • Finish the shot with the shoggoth tentacle

What happened: 

  • Due to some shots missing from our upcoming trailer, we all went into the week with the goal of getting every shot in this finished as soon as possible. I started this with adding the shoggoth to IT290, but I couldn’t spend the time on it I wanted to, so the animation is still rough, but it works for this week (3 Hours)
  • A surprisingly demanding task I got this week was making the piles of arms and legs for the interior of lake’s tent. We needed them for the inserts in particular, so a still frame was needed. I got them finished, and I tried to do it in a way that would make it easy to make work in the future, which meant more planning up front. But, they are complete (for now)! (7 Hours)


    Gross (The background will be comped out)

  • I also spent some time working on some of the interior airplane shots. I added facial animation to IA030 for the trailer, but it was pulled due to the airplane interior not feasibly being done by this week. I then went on to IAE030, as this shot is going to require a lot of work, as it is the moment Danforth truly loses his mind. I am having a lot of fun maxing out the sliders to get him to really show his agony. (7 Hours)

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.08.28 AM

Next Week: 

  • Model the spooky statue
  • Continue animating and polishing my shots to meet the goal of finishing by the end of the term.

3-8-PPJ David Maguire

Goals for this week:

  • Finish refinement of my sprint two shot
  • Add the tentacle to the appropriate sprint one shots

What happened: 

  • After spending a few hours Monday and Tuesday running in circles around the never open print center (we now know about the online print submission, heh) I unexpectedly had to spend my entire Wednesday at URBN scrambling to get our wall display up. It started at the meeting, redesigning the display to accommodate for renders that we didn’t think would be done on time. Josh came in and helped for a large portion of it, as did Val, Ethan, and Pat while they could in the morning. Eventually I got everything printed and hung, but losing the entire day caused a domino effect of delays for me. (11 hours total)IMAG0504
  • I worked on cleaning up animation, with a particular emphasis on the trailer shots. I added the tentacle into IT310, and finished the animation for all of my cave shots. The trench shots are almost done, while my only airplane shot still needs some love. (14 hours)

Next Week: 

  • Keep refining animation (both sprints)

Total Hours: 25

Team Progress Summary: 3/1/2015



This week was a struggle due to nearly every member of the team getting a cold, flu, fever and/or migraine. We didn’t meet this week because everybody was sick, but we still managed to get a nice amount of work done. Much of this week was spent planning for the URBN Center Lobby wall, with Ethan, Josh and Dave creating assets to hang up. Those will go up tomorrow as soon as they’re finished rendering.

This week was also spent polishing up animation, working with the environments and planning for our end of term presentation. Despite numerous technical challenges (such as Josh’s never-ending battle with xgen and Anthony having to rig 30 tentacles and 40 eyeballs), we’re still confident that we’re going to finish up everything we need!

Animation is going well too, with Gabe, Dave and Pat continuing to spend countless hours blocking and polishing shots. We’re concentrating on the shots we need for the end of term trailer, but we’re still going to finish up a round of polish everything by the end of the quarter. Ethan was able to block in the exterior airplane scenes, and we’re finally closing in the storyboard gaps in the animatic. The shoggoth is just about done being rigged, so we’ll soon be ready to animate everything we need for the trailer!

As all the environemtns and shots are finally put into place, we’ll be working on the comps for everything and piecing the show together one step at a time. We’re going to have to work tirelessly until the very end, but we’re still on track to finish within our schedule.

Check out our Trello board for more information!


3-1-PPJ Anthony Meyers

Goals for this week:

Work on the Shoggoth.

What I got done this week:

Everything went well this week. I rigged the main tentacles and all of the small tentacles have joints and have been weighted. The only thing left to do for the  rig; other than add in extra controls to make animating faster, is to add in controls for the small tentacles.

Next Week: 

Work on the Shoggoth.

Hours: 25Capture


3-1-PPJ Valentina Feldman

What I said I’d do last week: 

  1. Presentation WIP
  2. Textured Mountains
  3. Skies / sky plan!

What I actually did: 

This week I continued to be sick (along with almost every other member of the team… Seriously, we’re tragic.) I got better over the weekend though, and managed to do a rough pass of everything I said I’d put together. Nothing’s finalized yet, but I’m still on track to finish all my tasks on time and before the presentation next week!

1. Presentation WIP

Finishing it up right now! We have a solid plan for the presentation and we’ll be giving our mock presentation on Tuesday morning. I set up our slides in Google Drive and while we don’t have all the assets finished yet, we have plans and comps set up for everything. I’m confident that we’ll be fine.

Hours: 5

2: Mountains Texturing

11026637_10153173598420559_1117711495_n 11040446_10153173598425559_1250886090_o (1)

I started working on the textures for our mountains this week. I realized midway through that there was no way I could bring out all the sculpt detail by hand-painting alone, so Josh will be setting up a shader this week that pulls detail from the edges. Once that’s done I’ll iterate again, but for now I’m happy with the chunky shapes and general style. They just need to be blended better and much more detailed.

Shader example from Z-Brush by Pat:


Setting this up took a little longer than usual, since the ridiculous scale of these mountains was too much for Mudbox to handle. I created two 4K texture maps, one for long-distance shots and one for close-ups of the mountain pass.

Hours: 7

3: Sky Planning

I fell slightly behind on sky painting this week, but I did comp together one painting with the mountains I textured. I’m waiting on Ethan’s pop through to continue with the matte paintings for each shot. I definitely want to play up the intense red sunsets of Antarctic summers, since the airplane scenes always happen at sunset or sunrise. Crits welcome!



Hours: 4


4. General Producer Things

I realize that I’ve never really logged these hours in my PPJs, but I do put a lot of time into filling out trello cards, posting things and planning out timelines. Y’know, producing. I put in about 4 hours a week into that.


Hours: 4 


Next Time: 

  1. Presentation finalization
  2. Presentation material rendering
  3. Trailer compositing!

3-1-PPJ David Maguire

Goals for this week:

  • Block in the shots for sprint three (all interior and exterior camp shots)
  • Get any illustrations to Josh and Ethan that they need for the URBN displays
  • Use any extra time to keep refining sprint two

What happened: 

  • Spent a bunch of time working on blocking in the new tent scene. Not quite done but almost there, I think I can get done by our meeting on Wednesday. I keep having problems with the rigs making my machine chug, so I’ve had to revert to older versions of the rig (thankfully Gabe still had them lying around). Hopefully things will go a little smoother without fighting performance issues. (17 hours)
  • I worked with Josh a bunch to prepare an illustration of the characters for our movie poster that will go up on the wall. I posed them in 3D, and then using that created a vector piece of the two of them to be composited on top of the rest of the poster. I haven’t used Illsutrator in a long time, so it took me far longer than i think it should have. Really happy with how the characters turned out, though, and I can’t wait to see how Josh and Ethan integrate them into the rest of the poster. I’ve also uploaded hi-res versions of some of our mood-boards and concept art, so we can print them in the morning. (6 hours)


  • Ran short on time this week, so I didn’t end up getting any more refinement done one sprint two, but that’s alright since this week’s focus was the wall display and blocking sprint three. (0 hours)

Next Week: 

  • Finish refinement of my sprint two shots
  • Add the tentacle to the appropriate sprint one shots

Total Hours: 23

3-1 PPJ Gabriel Valdivia

What I set out to do this week:

I wanted to get all my tent scenes blocked in and spline at least two of my other shots.

What I got done this week:

I didn’t quite finish blocking in my camp scenes because we noticed some layout problems that needed to be fixed before I could finish blocking BUT those will be done by tomorrow.  I didn’t let it hold me back though so I worked on roughing in a few of my other shots.  I roughed in ET 020, ILT 030, and I spent a lot of time on ILT 010, and EAC 070.  Animating has been rough this week though.  I spent so many hours tweaking and tweaking and ended up filming more reference cause I couldn’t get my characters to do exactly what I wanted them to do.  I think i’m finally on the right track though.

Hours: 32 hours

What I plan to get done next week:

I’ve got six shots left that need a rough polish before I can go back and start polishing so I’m going to get half of them done by next week and the other half of them done by finals week.  So I’m right on track 🙂

3-1-PPJ Patrick Stelmach

Goals for this week:

  • Spline the rest of my shots for this sprint (EAC050, ET10)
  • Put the shoggoth arm into one of the interior temple scenes to stress test the rig

What happened: 

  • I went through and have now splined both of these shots and I am ready to move on to animating faces. I had more trouble than I was expecting with ET10, but I still managed to get it ready for more advanced work. (6 Hours)
  • I have the shoggoth arm in IT260, but I am running into the interesting issue of scale. The size of the tentacle is so large, a lot of the movement runs out of frame. I am getting it down to movements that will fit in the shot, but I am still learning the rig and need to spend more time on it. (5 Hours)

Next Week: 

  • Start animating faces – get the faces for IA010-040 finished and adjust any errors
  • Finish the shot with the shoggoth tentacle

2-22-PPJ Josh Hollander

This week I set out to begin detailing our cave and trench scenes, possibly rerender our characters from Sprint 1, and begin work on the city.  I ended up spending a few days repairing our city scatter file, which somehow got corrupted in the past month and wouldn’t save any changes, and working on shaders with Val for the Shoggoth and our updated characters.  I also worked with Ethan to draft a design and layout for our Senior Project display, which will hang in the lobby of the URBN center on campus.

City Scatter

I’m really surprised that this needed any fixing, since everything was working wonderfully the last time I saved this file.  Sadly, I lost several days to troubleshooting the city scatter, though it appears to be stable once again.  Fingers crossed, it won’t break at all when we plug in our detailed buildings.

Hours: 14

Shader Work

I spent some time this week working with Val to revise our main characters, as well as create suitably horrifying and alien shaders for our big bad monster, the Shoggoth.

Hours: 8

URBN Lobby Decoration

I worked with Ethan this week on drafting our design for a patch of wall in the URBN Center’s Lobby, advertising our animation.  We got our draft to a good point and are eager to move forward with it, replacing wireframes with actual artwork and eventually seeing it displayed in our art building’s lobby!

Hours: 6

Team Progress Summary: 2/22/2015

[placeholder]winterGantt_week07 winterTrello_week07


Steady progress was made again this week! Sprint 2 is well underway, and all of our shots are being blocked and polished. The shoggoth has been textured and is in the process of being rigged and shaded, Dyer’s clothing has been redone, and Sprint 2 environments are well underway. Sprint 1 has been completely rendered, and we have a final list of EOT deliverables and assets for our presentation. The teaser’s looking great, and we’re still confident that we can stick to our newly accelerated animation schedule!

Josh and Ethan have also been planning out the wall for the URBN center lobby, and it’s looking great! Danforth’s pose for the senior show poster is looking awesome so far.

Check out our Trello board for more information!

2-23-15- Ethan Miller – PPJ

What I said I’d do:

-UV/Texture Airplane

-Finish Blocking Plane Interior

-Rough Motion Graphics

What I Did

So this week my plans hit a slight snag when I had to go back and retopo a great deal of the airplane and make revisions to the model as per requests from the team. However I still finished blocking in Lake’s tent exterior, lake’s tent interior, and plane interior, finished modeling on the airplane UV’d it and began texturing it.


So during the UV and texture process I hit a few major snags that culminated in the discovery of a hidden edge fold that going back and spending a few hours ironing out the model and re-uving it.

Positives- Everything is working properly, the plane looks great and textures are functioning (placeholders for the mean time to make sure the UVs are functional)

Cons- Having to double back on this model and UV process set me farther back than I’d like and I’ll be double timing these next two days to spruce up the interiors

Hours Spent: 10

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 9.27.49 AM

Airplane Interior

modified  canopy shape to fit revised plane exterior, added extra gears and gauges

Hours Spent: 2


Lake’s Tent Interior

I reconstructed Lake’s tent with more detail and a different floor plan to fit the new boards and to add additional detail.

Hours spent- 5
Lake’s Camp Exterior

I also rebuilt Lake’s camp this week to better fit new storyboards, incorporated Mountain Sculpt for added detailing in scene and for shot placement.

Hours Spent: 3



Lastly, I met with Josh and Val to go over concepts for the wall of sproj and we’ve settled on a concept that we’re all happy with!

Hours- 1

What’s next

-finish texturing airplane

-keep filling in environmental detail in Lake’s Tent, Camp and Airplane

-pop through mountain pass

2-22-PPJ Valentina Feldman

What I said I’d do last week: 

  2. Fix up Dyer’s clothing
  3. Plan EOT Deliverables

What I actually did: 


This week I spent a lot of time giving the Shoggoth some TLC. Aw, isn’t she a cutie?

Posing this model for texturing was a bit of a challenge. I decided that since the Shoggoth’s resting pose is completely different than the grid-based bind pose (refer to Anthony’s PPJ), I would have to pose the eyes and mouths into weird, bulging shapes to fully see the effects of my textures.

I spent a great deal of time researching rotting meat, worms, brains, tumors, brain tumors, deep sea fish, lampreys, lotus pods, octopodes, viruses and fungi to inspire a design.  Fun, right? I painted the veins and texture maps in Mudbox, and then rebuilt the shoggoth on a  VRay lighting stage.

Josh will be helping out with shaders this week. In order to give the shoggoth an unearthly, unsettling vibe, we’ll be combining the painted textures with a 3D procedural noise map with a blend material. The noise map will be similar to that in the second image, and will stay still in 3D space while the shoggoth warps and bulges around it (almost like a 3D mask). We want to give its insides (beneath the veins) a “color out of space” kind of vibe.

Hours: 10

 Concepts and shader tests: 



Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.37.08 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.37.38 AM shoggy_mouthComp

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 8.59.49 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.37.56 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.31.30 PM



2. Dyer TLC 

Dyer was, as usual, a complete pain to work with. After opening our current version and beginning to work on textures, I realized that both his hair and eyebrows were outdated, completely unstyled, and a little bit broken. So, I spent another night ironing out the problems with that before I even got around to his clothes.

That night I also learned that a viewport error caused by nHair was actually fine on render time, which was a relief.  This night also involved a lot of sideburns shaving.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 7.27.03 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 7.53.02 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 8.10.06 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 12.53.45 AM


I then moved onto texturing Dyer’s coat, creating materials, bump maps, and restyling the geometry. I was aiming for a mixture between the Antarctic reference I posted earlier and a military style water-resistant jacket. I went with olive tones this time, which I like better. I also adjusted his complexion and hair specularity a bit.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 10.51.12 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 11.00.52 PM

Seams have since been cleaned up!

Hours: 15

3: EOT Deliverables prep / planning

Less pretty than my other two tasks, but still valuable! This week I talked to the team and determined what kinds of deliverables and promotional materials we’ll be able to produce for the end of this quarter. Here’s a snapshot of the list:





Now I just need to make the presentation, and make it happen!

Hours: 3


Next Time: 

  1. Presentation WIP
  2. Textured Mountains
  3. Skies / sky plan!